For sale—1x Four Wheeled Ticket to Freedom

Travel the Americas in relative luxury, air conditioning, heated leather seats, lounge/dining room and kitchen all with excellent indoor outdoor flow


Sadly for us, the time has come to part with the Flightless 4Runner. Our Four Wheeled Ticket to Freedom carried us from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina and many places in between. This awesome rig wants to go home and needs someone to drive it there.

We are selling our Alaskan plated 2001 Toyota 4Runner with everything you would need for a Pan-american adventure. The vehicle will be available from April 5th in Santiago, Chile.

We feel that this rig is worth $3000 USD

But would be open to any reasonable offers/negotiation.

Rear storage area

The rear storage and kitchen area of the 4Runner includes:

  • A fold out kitchen bench with attachment points for the Coleman stove.
  • A set of sliders to hold the fridge (currently fridge not included as it is being repaired)
  • Two large drawers.
  • Open shelving area with tie down points.
  • Spice racks, the lower one tilts open to access the draw behind, the upper one slides out for access to a long, shallow drawer.
  • All drawers and racks lock shut for travel on bumpy back roads.

Interior table set up

The front seats can be folded forward and a table installed for somewhere luxurious to escape the rain and mosquitoes.

Interior storage

The interior storage area consists of:

  • Access to the wide rear storage shelves
  • A lockable deep drawer
  • Two large lockable compartments with hidden catches
  • One compartment has a sliding tray to make accessing larger items easier
  • A lockable under-seat area
  • Access to fill 5 gallon water tank with funnel

The Good

The 4Runner

2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5

3.4L V6 Engine (5VZ-FE) 282417 miles  (will be a few more)

4 Speed Auto with O/D Transmission

4WD Hi/Low 4 with center diff lock

15″ Factory Steel Wheels

Front air conditioning.

Leather heated front seats.

Timing belt, idler bearings, steering rack bushings, cat. converter and O2 sensor replaced at 255000

Transmission Serviced at 244094—Younger Toyota

Oil changed every 5000km (ish)


Midwest 5 gallon (20L) Jerry Can – This is junk unless I/you can find a replacement spout/cap. Starting to rust a little on the outside but still good. The shitty ‘anti-spill’ spout is leaking.

Roof storage box —Custom made by Iguana4x4 in Colombia to fit our front rack. Water tight and lockable. Good for putting things in.

Coleman Dual Fuel stove – This has seen some action and is showing its age. Still works fine.

Also, factory roof rack replaced with Thule rack system and front rack is a Yakima system. Have had no problems with either.


Initially we ditched the rear seats in Alaska to build a sleeping platform. Soon realised that having somewhere inside to sit that wasn’t the front seats was desirable. Removed the sleeping platform in Mexico, rebuilt the back seats and rear cargo area with drawers and storage compartments. Also built a table. See photos.

All electrics work fine.

2 large lockable compartments with hidden latches

1 lockable drawer

On board water – 20l Scepter Jerry Can with hand pump water faucet, not curently working, needs a inline tap. Also have a 12v Flojet water pump, some pipe, taps and fittings, was going to re-do the water system because the hand pump is a bit cumbersome. Probably wont now but the parts are there.

The fridge is not included, but can be negotiated.


Windscreen replaced in Bolivia (legit Toyota)

All door glass has been treated with Protemax security film. Allows glass to keep its shape in case of a break. Basically if someone tries to smash and grab they’ll only get as far as the smashing.


Suspension – 1.5 lift with OME springs, ARB shocks.

Tyres – Maxxis AT980  –  30×9.5 10mm tread depth so thats like 60%, i guess.  New in Ecuador.

Spare Tyre – Khumo Road Venture AT 225×75 – only used a couple of times so pretty much as new.


100w Windy Nation flexable panel  –  works, good condition

10A Windy Nation charge controller  –  works, good condition

20m extension lead for solar panel . – works, good condition

12v LTH Solar Battery  – good, will run a fridge for a day in mild climates, less if its hot.

T-max dual battery system –  works, good condition

Power Bright 1100w power inverter – works, good condition.

The Bad


CVT, Mt Shasta roof top tent – ( minus the awning, never used it so got rid of it ). This tent is showing its age. It is fine in the dry but leaks like a sieve when it rains, for this we have tarpaulins to cover the tent when in use. The tent had some mold form a while back but we treated it with bleach and it hasn’t gotten any worse. You could definitely keep using this tent as is but we would suggest you get in touch with CVT and get a new Tent Cover, Fly and maybe the net bit of the front door. Mattress needs replacing too but you can get that anywhere.

No body rust, but there is some surface rust underneath from the Salar in Bolivia

Body condition – as you would expect, some dings, dents and scratches from our adventures

Front door seals have small amount of damage from when we had to break in after locking ourselves out.  Still water tight.


Has keyless entry/ remote start, but just recently the controller in the car no longer confirms with the remote what state the car is in ( locked/unlocked ). Lock/unlock and remote start still work fine.

Seats are in ok condition but have some wear.

Carpets are ok. Mats are ok (front only).

Water system—currently not working needs a small inline tap


Currently the car is producing a engine code P0470, I replaced the o2 sensor but the code persists. Will be checking this out.

Rocker covers leaking a small amount – always have.

Power steering reservoir, rack leaking a small amount – always has.

The Ugly

Frame repair

The frame was damaged around the top of the left rear shock.  This was repaired and we haven’t had any trouble since.

Brake problem

The hydraulic brake booster failed in Mexico.  Toyota wanted $4400 to replace the unit. We chose to downgrade to a regular brake booster for two reasons; it cost considerably less and if we did replace the unit and it failed again we may not be in a place where we could fix it easily. We chose to replace it with a much simpler booster so any future repairs could be managed on the side of the road.

The only down side is this means the vehicle no longer has ABS or skid control. Everything is still there if someone wanted to replace the original hydraulic brake booster but it hasn’t been necessary. This happened in Mexico and we are now in Chile.

See this blog post. for a little more info on both problems.

Solar and water

Here are some more detailed photos of our solar and water systems.

*Current water tap will require the purchase of a new inline tap to regulate flow, but we’ve bought the gear to build a new upgraded setup too, so you can always build your own, better upgrade.

Other Misc. stuff

The following extras are included:

  • Extension cords—3pin 1 x 30m 1 x 10m,   2pin 1 x 10m
  • Power board
  • Collapsable shovel
  • ARB tyre repair kit
  • 12v Husky compressor—Home Depot deal, but does the job
  • 1/2′ drive Metric Socket set with power bar
  • Ring spanner set
  • Pliers, screwdrivers etc.
  • Complete kitchen, knifes, forks, spoons, plates, cups etc.

… heaps of other bits and pieces