Every great roadtripper needs a great set of wheels under them, otherwise ‘A’ and ‘B’ are a long way from each other.

Here’s our wheels:

Four Wheeled Ticket to Freedom


We managed to track down this wee beastie in Anchorage, our transport and home for the next 18-24 months all things going to plan. To read more about the trials and tribulations we faced finding an appropriate vehicle in Anchorage, you can read this post.

However, driving and living in a stock, standard 4Runner was never going to be an ideal situation, so we’ve begun the upgrading process. So far we’ve added:

Coming soon: Interior 2.0. Stay tuned.

Why were we so keen to buy a Toyota?

Toyotas are pretty much all we have ever owned. Corollas, an MR2 and two faithful Hiluxes. There was a brief time in history that involved a Mazda, but that relationship ended after it was parked on its roof, so we won’t speak of that here…

Cue some glamour shots of Toyotas past and present: