Two Flightless Kiwis Take on the World

This is the tale of our slightly mad plan to drive the Panamerican Highway from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina and anywhere else we can on the way.

We set flight (a somewhat unexpected first step for two Flightless Kiwis) from our home town of Christchurch, New Zealand on the 10th of May 2014 and we’ve been driving around in circles ever since.

The Kiwis


Emma is the Flightless Kiwi most likely to sleep through an important event. She takes altogether too many photos and some of these eventually make their way to the blog.


Ben is in charge of both literally and figuratively keeping the wheels on this expedition. He takes responsibility for vehicle modification, maintenance and opening frustratingly firm jar lids.


Kaylee is the Guatemalan street dog who stole our hearts (and our jandals) and now is by far the most loveable Flightless Kiwi.

Why ‘Flightless Kiwis’?

‘Flightless’ because our preferred mode of transport is overland. We also enjoy the irony of the fact that to get anywhere from New Zealand (unless you fancy some time at sea) you have to hop in a plane, so whatever journey we take abroad we are almost guaranteed to become flying, flightless kiwis.

‘Kiwis’ because like all New Zealanders we are pretty stoked about letting the world know where we are from (even if the rest of the world only recognises ‘kiwi’ as a delicious green fruit and not the adorable pointy-beaked flightless chicken that is the national symbol of New Zealand).