As we started planning this trip we began searching around online for information. We began following blogs from people who were undertaking similar journeys and plenty of useful resources to help us with our planning. We’ve included links below, in case you are interested in other people’s journeys or perhaps if you are planning to embark on your own epic road trip:

Useful Resources

WikiOverland—The online encyclopaedia for worldwide overland travel. This is where we find all the nitty gritty details that we need to know about overland travel in each country we visit. It’s kept up to date by a community of past and current travellers.

Drive the Americas—When we started our planning, we were pretty stoked to find this gem of a site. The forums are a great place to track down other road trippers and get an answer to any of your questions.

Overland Sphere—A hub of overland blogs and a great place to go for inspiration for your next trip, wherever in the world that may be.

Road Trippers—This looks like it will be every kind of useful as we make our way through the USA, although they are slowly expanding their coverage to include other countries.

Border Helper—This should make the border crossings as painless as possible.

Life Remotely—We weren’t sure whether to categorise this as a ‘useful resource’ or a ‘blog’ but settled on this category due to the wealth of information on their site (budgeting, planning, border crossing, accessing wi-fi, they even wrote a cookbook!).


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